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Hello, I'm a frontend engineer based at My Home (WFH) 🛖

Muhammad Ridho Anshory

( Frontend Engineer, React | Next.js )

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I am eager to build a long-term career in the field of Software Engineer in web development. I have several experience building web apps & mobile like e-commerce, public service dashboard, simple social media forums and .etc using Php (Laravel & CI), CSS, Javascripts, Firebase, Google Cloud Platfrom, Java & Kotlin. Therefore, I already hold several course that help me pursue my career in web development like on freeCodeCamp (Responsive Web Design, Javascripts algorithm & data structure, & Front end development libraries (reactJS)). I am highly interested in web development especially as Front-end web developer is an exciting career because it's always evolving and constantly changing, opportunity to interact with new tools and learn new skills because I really love learning.


1999Born in East Kalimantan, Indonesia.
2021Completed the Bachelor's Program in the Undergraduate School of Information System at Kalimantan Institute of Technology
2021 to 2022Working as Frontend Engineer at Itsavirus, Bali 🇮🇩
2022 to presentWorking as Frontend Engineer at, Jakarta 🇮🇩

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🎵Music, 🏀Basketball, 📷Photography, 🏊Swimming, 🎱Pool

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